A parallelepiped in a Bottle


After the Parallelepiped Player, the red parallelepiped becomes the main character of other scenes, other storys. It recalls nostalgia of situations, sounds and colours… of “when the things were good”, when our hope were defeating the uncretainties of the present and the fears for the future. It stay there to prove the importance of making founding values to prevail, to look with faith at tomorow.
Alfred de Locatelli ends up his poetrywriting:

“the parallelepiped is bearer of memories and good nostalgia, it makes to re-born the seed of creativity, which is able bud even in hard and arid terrains”

June 2012

Video: A parallelepiped in the bottle

The music of the movie ”un parallelepipedo nella bottiglia” is an arrangement loosely based on the track “Ebb TIde”, composed by Robert Maxwell, 1953 ©

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