AeroUD – Mechanical Engineering Team

In 2012, we engaged in the sponsorship of the Group AeroUd -Mechanical Engineering Team, a group of college students (Kevin Altarac, Luca Furlani, Fabbro Francesco, Giulio Andrin, Daniele Orioli, Fabio Pagnacco and Gianluca Gori), followed by two Professors (Luca Casarsa and Marco Giovagnoni), who recently measured themselves in the aeronautical competition called SAE Aerodesign.

The project AeroUD, is addressed to the students of the mechanical engineering course of the university of Udine. The goal of the project is to design and manufacture an RC controlled aircraft model to participate at the SAE Aerodesign competition that takes place every year in major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles , Dallas and Atlanta.

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The Aero Design competition is structured in such a way that the participants have to face a challenge as the engineering design in the professional arena , with a consistent and coordinated team work , dealing with compromise decisions in order to achieve maximum performance while respecting the limits imposed by regulation of the competition. For the multidisciplinary skills required , the project represents a path of personal and professional growth for students as it allows them to tackle most of the problems of engineering design of an aircraft and to compare the chosen solution with the best universities in the world by participating in the SAE Aero Design competition .
In our collaboration we were committed to implement some components of the fuselage and some useful elements for the construction wing apparatus. In this optic we accepted the challenge of manufacturing components out of our competence field, using different materials and working on quite smaller dimensions. This gave us the opportunity to make links with the university world and to help students to concretize projects and start facing the real work world. Our interest in the university sponsorship found it’s bases on our philosophy that bring us to search challenges and also in the perspective of giving support to those realities that forge the future of our territory.
Slide 1Dallas: The competition
After 3 days of grueling race , between the sun and wind, constant swings of emotions and against all expectations , AeroUD has triumphed, leaving behind renowned university in the team standings and with a lot more experience in competitions like this.
1 Gerias Universidade Federal de Minas (Brazil)
2nd University of Virginia ( United States )
3rd Centro Federal de Educacao Technology (Brazil)
University of Udine in 3rd PLACE TECHNICAL PRESENTATION !

Video: The Competition

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