Art & Communication

Our constant search for new ideas and challenges leads us to confront with what is outside of the everyday woodwork.
Even if the crisis makes it harder and harder to maintain links with what is not in our sphere of competence, we know that is the right way follow. Because these are things that, even without directly influencing the aesthetics of our product, act upon us reflecting this art in the works that we carry out.
Every two years we undertake to organize “Open – Quality and Work”, an event that opens the doors of our factory to our employees and give us the opportunity to tell our commitment to the world of art and technology.


Alfred De Locatelli – “The Parallelepiped Player”

A very special triptych trio (to stay in theme art and music): a company from Magnano in Riviera, with more than half a century of experience, The Faar – FabbroArredi , an artist, Alfred de Locatelli and a commercial agent , Hermes Bigatton , united to collaborate on an unprecedented project: ” The Parallelepiped Player”. […]

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Michela Sbuelz – De(t)ails

Michela Sbuelz ” De(t)tails In the daily life of a carpenter are placed panels of scrap wood with another chance of Use . Details of faces and bodies in black and white, details that do not express a complete but suggest further reading: hypothesis of forms that are completed only in mind, as well as […]

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AeroUD – Mechanical Engineering Team

In 2012, we engaged in the sponsorship of the Group AeroUd -Mechanical Engineering Team, a group of college students (Kevin Altarac, Luca Furlani, Fabbro Francesco, Giulio Andrin, Daniele Orioli, Fabio Pagnacco and Gianluca Gori), followed by two Professors (Luca Casarsa and Marco Giovagnoni), who recently measured themselves in the aeronautical competition called SAE Aerodesign. The project AeroUD, […]

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