Michela Sbuelz – De(t)ails

Michela Sbuelz

” De(t)tails

In the daily life of a carpenter are placed panels of scrap wood with another chance of Use .

Details of faces and bodies in black and white, details that do not express a complete but suggest further reading: hypothesis of forms that are completed only in mind, as well as the look. Incomplete images, framed sideways, waiting forms. “

The idea of an exhibition in the place of work of a carpenter at once it seemed interesting for several reasons.

First, it is an environment “alive” and active , a place of transformation, of assembly , of creation. To transform wood into functional objects, designed to become useful in other places or contexts, is the role of the laboratory …

We are working on wood : ductile material , small but strong, humble but noble once assembled, gentle but strong …

Not all pieces of wood, however, become mobile , some are discarded.

From here -from this discard – I mad my move. Giving them another chance to be, a new opportunity.

Panels that can accommodate parts of bodies, unfinished forms that transchip, elements suggesting presences or better faces or bodies .

Forms on hold.

Details stolen from prying eyes, in their view or too discreet in not wanting to say too much, leaving open reading for those who want to look more closely, at those who intend to listen .

Gallery: De(t)ails