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“The Parallelepiped Player” Poses at the State of the Net

June 14, 2012, all the guests of State of the Net will find a curious surprise at Magazzino 26: the installation of the Parallelepiped designed by Alfred de Locatelli and produced by Sandro Fabbro. Sandro Fabbro, second generation at the helm of the company , has chosen an unusual way to convey the essence of their work by starting a collaboration with Alfred de Locatelli , an eclectic artist who teaches at the Art Academy of Brera and exhibiting throughout Europe. Last year this synergy led to the birth of the installation ” The parallelepiped player “, built around a tree to symbolically express strength and beauty.
The Cuboid is also a point of attraction of the recent Cultures Week 2012 in Udine ( Palazzo Morpurgo ), under the auspices of the City and the Civic Museum.
After Udine and the many appearances of the woods, or the beaches of Lignano Friuli , the Parallelepiped is now ready to deal with new situations, as will happen to Magazzino 26.


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