“The Parallelepiped Player” poses at Palazzo Morpurgo


14 to 25 April 2012,
An horizontal totem to mark the meeting of art with the company in the days when the Week of Culture is celebrated. Why art and business are a heritage that permeates national identity? This is the focal point of the parallelepiped player, installation by Alfred de Locatelli, hosted by the Cultural and Civic Museums of Udine in the courtyard of the palace Morpurgo from Saturday 14 to Wednesday, April 25.
The parallelepiped player is an environmental installation designed by Alfred de Locatelli and produced by the artisan Sandro Fabbro: an handmade red, three meters long, made of Eulithe ®, a rigid polyurethane polymer curing, mounted in suspension.
Alfred de Locatelli was born in Postojna (Slovenia) in 1960 and graduated from the Academy of Venice, has a long curriculum in the field of decoration and design modeling and now teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.
Sandro Fabbro is a craftsman and an entrepreneur engaged in the search for new technological solutions for the furniture enterprise.
The first installation of the parallelepiped player was set in a forest: the effect totemic absolutely singular obtained was amplified by the fact that the “player” seemed suspended in the air while a soloist beech pierced its heart. In Udine Alfred de Locatelli wanted to emphasize even more the alienation effect by combining the parallelepiped player with the colonnade of the palace Morpurgo: Baroque architectural creativity pierces one of the most innovative technological developments in the industrial sector (Eulithe ®) by multiplying the possible senses of the viewer.