Alfred De Locatelli – “The Parallelepiped Player”

A very special triptych trio (to stay in theme art and music): a company from Magnano in Riviera, with more than half a century of experience, The Faar – FabbroArredi , an artist, Alfred de Locatelli and a commercial agent , Hermes Bigatton , united to collaborate on an unprecedented project: ” The Parallelepiped Player”. Saturday, June 25, 2011 , a singular and unrepeatable event in which, invited guests and some other curious attended to the assembly of a huge rectangular design on a majestic beech tree in Tarcento’s forest. This realization of environmental installation, produced by Sandro Fabbro from the original design by Alfred de Locatelli, was conceived in order to be documented through photos and video for the advertising campaign of the producing company. ” The Parallelepiped Player ” is a design, 3m long, made of Eulithe and red painted, with a central hole that allows it to be pierced by a beech; an extemporaneous player , simulating a suspension.  For the enhancement and the rediscovery of environmental heritage, the project is declared on the same wavelength of the schedule of the eco-friendly events that are taking place in 2011, declared the “Year of Forests” by the United Nations. The flash event of assembly and presentation of ” The Parallelepiped Player ” has catapulted all the guests in an atmosphere between reality and fiction, well symbolized by the giant parallelepiped hanging on the Beech. We found ourselves fascinated by the incredible magic of this object that seems to challenge gravity, even if it is just self-sustaining, thanks to the ingenious scenic machine studied by Sandro Fabbro. The red sculpture among the branches of the beech trees is visible from several meters: some curious passing approach to understand what it is and even they are kidnapped by the spell of this object . Other statements of Alfred de Locatelli’s work have been carefully arranged in the woods nearby and discovered, thanks to a visit guided by the artist. Objects that celebrate, once again , that evocative craftsman dimension typical of his poetic: shamanic sticks, animal bones , tribal musical instruments, an ampoule of divination and an anthropomorphic root. All integrated into the environment with mischievousness . This particular experience has taught us that a dream can sometimes become reality: the patronage can exist not only in the form of a “donation “, but also in the new form of mutual exchange , giving opportunities to both the patron and the artist. The collaboration proved to be a real integration between minds, work and various operations, guided by a common synergy. The communication plan of a small business has been proposed as the perfect glue between two worlds , sometimes too far apart, art and craft , turning art into advertising campaign, and thus capitalized outside of private galleries. support For a company like Faar – FabbroArredi, which operates in the sector of tailor made furnishing and design accessory, accepting the challenge of Hermes Bigatton, curator of corporate communications, who proposed the proprietor to realize the “dream” of an artist, was the perfect synthesis of the message that Sandro Fabbro wanted to communicate: you conceived, we perform in a workmanlike manner (even metaphorically , defying the laws of physics ). This inspired project, will be a good omen for the future of this forward-looking company .



parallelepipedo Lignano ottobre 2011 da RENATO_low

A parallelepiped in a Bottle

After the Parallelepiped Player, the red parallelepiped becomes the main character of other scenes, other storys. It recalls nostalgia of situations, sounds and colours… of “when the things were good”, when our hope were defeating the uncretainties of the present and the fears for the future. It stay there to prove the importance of making founding values to prevail, to look with faith at tomorow.

Alfred de Locatelli ends up his poetrywriting:

“the parallelepiped is bearer of memories and good nostalgia, it makes to re-born the seed of creativity, which is able bud even in hard and arid terrains”

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Palazzo Morpurgo

An horizontal totem to mark the meeting of art with the company in the days when the Week of Culture is celebrated. Why art and business are a heritage that permeates national identity? This is the focal point of the parallelepiped player, installation by Alfred de Locatelli, hosted by the Cultural and Civic Museums of Udine in the courtyard of the palace Morpurgo from Saturday 14 to Wednesday, April 25.





“The Parallelepiped Player” Poses at the State of the Net

June 14, 2012, all the guests of State of the Net will find a curious surprise at Magazzino 26: the installation of the Parallelepiped designed by Alfred de Locatelli and produced by Sandro Fabbro. Sandro Fabbro, second generation at the helm of the company , has chosen an unusual way to convey the essence of their work by starting a collaboration with Alfred de Locatelli , an eclectic artist who teaches at the Art Academy of Brera and exhibiting throughout Europe. Last year this synergy led to the birth of the installation ” The parallelepiped player “, built around a tree to symbolically express strength and beauty.
The Cuboid is also a point of attraction of the recent Cultures Week 2012 in Udine ( Palazzo Morpurgo ), under the auspices of the City and the Civic Museum.
After Udine and the many appearances of the woods, or the beaches of Lignano Friuli , the Parallelepiped is now ready to deal with new situations, as will happen to Magazzino 26.



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