Production process

1. Design department


During this phase, the company is in direct contact with the client, gathering sketches, technical drawings and photographs which will help to analyse and develop the design, as well as understand any functional and aesthetic requirements. Every single request is considered unique and special, from the original idea to the completed high-end project.


Drawing on our many years of experience in processing wood, we seek out and propose the most suitable technical solutions, in terms of both construction and materials. During this phase, if necessary, a prototype can be created, so that the client can assess the object before final production.

Technical design

The highly qualified staff of the design department use the latest software to create a technical design based on information supplied by the client, and/or obtained by carrying out a site survey, before proceeding to the engineering phase of the project. The designs are then transferred across the network to the workshop, where the woodworking machinery is programmed.

2. Workshop


The first step in making a piece of furniture is cutting. The data for optimising the cutting plan is transferred to the CNC single-blade saw for cutting the panels to size, and the circular saw. Both are high precision tools.

Solid wood

Choosing solid wood as a material for furniture means choosing uniqueness and luxury. The wood is processed at our own workshops with tools such as the mitre saw, for cutting boards and slats without damaging the edges. The band saw, on the other hand, is mainly used for cutting shapes. In order to achieve smooth, squared-off edges, the next step is planing, using a surface planer and thickness planer.


Edge-banding is carried out with a CNC edge-bander, or by hand if there are small quantities or the work is particularly complex. The use of special glues ensures it is uniform and fully sealed. The last step is trimming the edges. Each piece is carefully checked before it proceeds to the next stage.


Veneer is what gives the furniture its external appearance. It is a thin layer of fine wood applied to the panel. The sheets of veneer are first cut and then joined to create compositions. Following this, rollers are used to apply a layer of glue to the panel, to which the layer of wood is attached. The final step is pressing, to ensure the application is uniform and long-lasting.


The process of shaping gives the wood a particular form aimed at satisfying the client’s aesthetic and functional requirements. On the basis of the technical designs supplied by the design department, the 5-axis CNC machine is programmed to shape and process the elements forming the item of furniture in 3D.


Sanding involves removing any roughness and imperfections from the surface of the wood, leaving it perfectly
smooth and ready for lacquering or varnishing. Sanding can be carried out by hand or with special machinery such as the automatic surface sander. In the latter case, the panel is placed under sanding belts of varying levels of roughness, depending on how much material is to be removed and the type of wood being processed.

Lacquer and varnish

Lacquering and varnishing is carried out in an area of the workshop with a climate-controlled environment. Depending on requirements, various finishes and techniques are carried out, from matte to extra glossy. The company is equipped with a Paint Robot which acquires the 3D image of the piece to be lacquered or varnished and uses a special software to determine the trajectory of the spray. This allows consistent finishes from the first piece to the last.


Assembly is the final phase of production. The piece is assembled and fixed together with accessories that guarantee its stability. During this stage the end product undergoes stringent quality control before delivery. In most cases, pre-assembly is carried out before lacquering or varnishing, to check that all the components have been correctly made.

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3. Fitting


We offer a custom packing service based on the characteristics of the product and its destination. The company takes care of transportation, using its own means for short distances. For longer distances, we rely on external services, guaranteeing prompt delivery times.


Our expert in-house team handles on-site installation. For installations outside Italy, we rely on our trusted external team, who work under the instruction and control of one of our staff.


We guarantee a support service that handles any client requirements or requests following the sale; reliable and ever-present assistance. Our furniture is guaranteed for 24 months.