Custom storage

Living room furniture in teak and wenge with home bar featuring bottle holder, flap front and glass display.

Dim. cm L. 106 x H. 254 x D. 33

Bespoke creations for luxury settings

Fabbro Arredi specialises in the creation of luxury bespoke storage. Wall units, wardrobes, cupboards, bookcases, sideboards and a wide range of items for public or private spaces are created to a design in order to optimise spaces, resulting in furniture whose hallmark is quality and design.

The utmost versatility for every style, from classic to minimal

Dividers equipped on the kitchen-facing side with appliances and storage. On the entrance side, they serve as decoration with a gold-leaf panel and faux drawers.

Dim. cm L. 180 x H. 250 x D. 75

Custom compositions. Click for more information.

Wall-mounted console with pull-out drawers for storing shirts and sweaters; handle-less drawer-fronts with grip on the edge of the top and sides by means of a continuous groove. Lower drawer connected to front panel and upper interior drawer.

Dim. cm L. 449 x H. 55 x D. 54

Kitchen crafted from afromosia wood veneered panel, consisting of a central opening element with hob and sink, sink unit with doors, shelves and drawer, iron shelf painted with colour sample.
Space for minibar fridge and painted iron shelves.
Top element accessible from the side with painted iron shelves and suspended drawer.

Dim cm L. 220 x H. 210 x D. 50

Perfectly unique

Our passion has always been exclusivity and works of art: Fabbro Arredi is dedicated to limited run production and making unique one-off pieces created through the intuition and manual skill of our team of professionals, who follow the production process. A careful analysis of the most effective technical solutions and the finest luxury materials showcases the sophistication of our products, while ensuring a practical, functional solution.

When hand-crafted production is allied to experience gained from prestigious projects the result is timeless objects.

Semi-circular display cabinet made with curved panels with continuous grain, leather-covered interior, and radiating drawers.
Mother-of-pearl inserts, accessories in nickel-plated brass, black marble.

Dim cm L. 100 x H. 200 x D. 45