“Il Suonatore di Parallelepipedi”

Art and design

“Il Suonatore di Parallelepipedi”: a unique event involving the live assembly of a design cuboid on a majestic beech tree within a forest in Tarcento. It was the creation of an environmental installation – produced by Fabbro Arredi – based on an idea by Alfred de Locatelli.

Parallelepipedo represents a piece of design furniture: it is an object three metres long, painted, the opening at its centre allowing a beech tree to pass through, an improvised performer, appearing as if suspended. The project forms part of the programme of eco-friendly events for rediscovering and promoting environmental heritage which took place in 2011, named the “Year of the Forest” by the United Nations. The flash event to assemble and present “Il Suonatore di Parallelepipedi” catapulted guests into an atmosphere blending fairy-tale and reality, perfectly symbolised by the giant structure gracefully suspended in the tree. We find ourselves enchanted by the incredible magic of this object that seems to defy gravity, but which is actually self-supporting, thanks to the clever scenic device designed by Sandro Fabbro.

This red sculpture among the beech branches is visible from several metres away: some curious passers-by came to see what it was and they too were captivated by the spell.

“The cuboid is a carrier of memories and happy nostalgia, and it gives new life to the seed of creativity that can sprout even in the most difficult and arid ground.”

Alfred de Locatelli concludes his poetic idea

A cuboid in a bottle

After “Il suonatore di parallelepipedi” the red cuboid became the focus of other scenes and other stories. It evokes nostalgia for situations, sounds and colours… For “when things go right”, when our hopes defeat uncertainty and fear. Its presence testifies to the importance of giving precedence to core values in order to face the future with confidence.

Palazzo Morpurgo

A horizontal totem to mark where art meets business during the celebrations for the Week of Culture. Because art and business are elements of a single heritage and are interwoven with the national identity. This is the central focus of the work displayed by the Department of Culture and the Civic Museums of Udine in the courtyard of Palazzo Morpurgo from 14 to 25 April.

The “Parallelepipedo” appears at State of the Net

State of the Net is an international conference that aims to capture the state of the art of the internet in Italy and around the world, considering its impact on our society. SotN is a key event for the industry and for the technological community in Italy, as it explores the dynamics and opportunities of the current digital scene.

The guests at State of the Net in Trieste found an intriguing surprise at Magazzino 26.