House L


The clients are people of good taste, lovers of music, literature, cinema and good food, and they share these passions with their guests; their wish was to be able to do so in a house fit for the purpose. All the furniture, sleek and simple, is in teak and wenge, often effortlessly integrating or concealing cosy indirect lighting or air conditioning.

A handful of pieces decorated with gold leaf add character and emit a warm light that gives an overall feel of luxury. The “passions room” is the most complex, where aesthetic and compositional solutions also perform an acoustic function; it houses a large screen connected to the Hi-Fi system, an extensive book and film collection, a long and roomy CD storage drawer unit, a desk, and two deep, welcoming sofas in purple wool velvet, one of which can be moved and transformed into a double bed. On the landing of the upper floor, a false wall in horizontal wooden boards integrates flush doors and mirrors; opposite, a large golden door leads into the more private spaces reserved for the owners.

The spaces are decorated in seamless harmony, according to a meaningful originality of form, where the semi-gloss plaster walls and ceilings create a sober and stylish mood.

Client Private
Project arch Roberto Romanello
City Udine

Photo Emanuele Ursella