“Il suonatore di Parallelepipedi”

Special Projects

Parallelepipedo is a true piece of furniture design: an object three metres long in bright red. It appears to be suspended in mid-air, a tree growing totally unharmed through the opening at its centre, thanks to the clever scenic device designed by Sandro Fabbro.

Set within a beech forest, the flash event to assemble and present the work “Il Suonatore di Parallelepipedi” catapulted the observer into an atmosphere blending fairy-tale and reality, perfectly symbolised by the giant structure hanging gracefully on the tree.

Sandro Fabbro chose this unusual way to convey the essence of his work through a collaboration with Alfred de Locatelli, an eclectic artist who teaches at the Art Academy of Brera and who exhibits his work all over Europe.

This connection between art and craftsmanship reveals a genuine integration of different minds, professions and ways of working. Following Udine and its many appearances in forests and on beaches, Parallelepipedo is now ready to take on new situations and places.

“Working alongside an artisan means going even further into the material. The creation of this installation becomes a prompt for the production of new sophisticated design objects”.
Alfred de Locatelli

“The craftsman of today must engage with technological innovation. And engaging with artistic creativity can further open up interesting spaces in our work”.
Sandro Fabbro

Touring installation by
artist Alfred de Locatelli
produced by Fabbro Arredi